Laminating Envelopes for Classroom Storage Solutions

Need a simple solution to store various game and puzzles for your classroom?  Try laminating envelopes.

I featured laminated envelopes in my File Folder Storage Solutions blog post (picture above).  However, I don't limit myself to small, white envelopes.  Larger games and puzzles require more storage real estate, and that's when I turn to 9x6 manila envelops.

I can fit two small, white envelopes in one 3mil (8x11) laminating pouch.  Only one 9x6 manila envelope fits in a single laminating pouch.

Place each style in a laminating pouch with the flaps open (see picture above).  Once laminated, cut along the envelope edges, score the opening with an Xacto Knife, and use sticky Velcro Sticky Back dots to create a way for the envelope to close.

I store everything from file folder game pieces to story retelling cards in these envelopes!  I have several with holes punched in them so I can kick up my organizing a notch or two  and keep certain parts and pieces in binders.  Ahhh, organization!


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