File Folder Game Storage Solutions

Feeling overwhelmed with a bazillion stray file folder game pieces floating around your classroom?  This is especially frustrating and time consuming to hunt down which games are missing pieces.  Even more frustration kicks in when you begin to realize there isn't a single file folder game in your file cabinet that is fully intact!

In my classroom, I use the tried and true sticky dot system to keep game pieces organized.  Check out the pictures below...

Each game piece gets a color dot.

The folder the game pieces go to get a matching color dot.

Here's a close up shot.

Just to eliminate any confusion, I also add one inside the game piece envelope flap.
This way, when four children are all working on identical versions of the game and pieces get mixed up, we have a FAST way to sort the pieces and get them back to their "home" file folder.

You'll notice I laminated the envelope.  This helps keep the game intact quite a few years without losing pieces due to the envelop ripping.  Velcro Sticky Back dots holds the envelope closed while in storage.  I also place packing tape over the folder label tab.  It helps keep it clean and rip-free.  Well, as rip-free as you can get when working with young children.  :)

I hope these tips help you organize your games and classroom!  I'm off to make more games for the upcoming school year.

Check out the games I've created for my classroom:


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