Busy Creating Fall Classroom Activities

Long time, no blogging.  I took a couple of weeks off from anything and everything teaching related once the school year ended.  It was a much needed break.  My last day working with children was June 12.  I went in the following Monday to wrap up a few loose ends, and I was a free woman for a couple of months...or so I thought.  On June 29, I had a hysterectomy.  {There goes my entire summer, right?}  Now that I am in a less painful phase of recovering from major surgery, I decided it was time to get crackin' on my ever-growing list of "fall needs".  A couple of dozen story sequence card packets for my favorite fall books are on the tippy-top of my "needs" list.  I have always loved using sequence/retelling cards with students, but I have perfected a system that works for me, and I am determined to go into the 2015-16 school year with cards for my favorite go-to stories.  If you have suggestions for story sequence/retelling card sets you would like to own, please shoot me an email, and I will see what I can do for you.

For now, I am putting the finishing touches on a pre-kindergarten phonics and D'Nealian handwriting practice packet I actually started creating a few years ago.  I put one version of my packet into play at the end of the school year, and I fell in love with the ease and effectiveness of such simple practice sessions with small groups of pre-k students.  The best part was watching children, who had shown little interest in previous writing activities, come alive upon opening their folder of phonics and handwriting practice pages.  They did not want to STOP working!

The packet states pre-k, but it would most certainly be appropriate for kindergarten students.  Here's a sneak peek...

Look for this packet to be uploaded into my TPT store by the end of the week.


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