Alphabet Magnet File Folder Match Up Game

Thanks for your interest in my Alphabet Magnet File Folder Match Up Game {$1.50}. 

Click image for a product preview.

Click image for a product preview.

Assembly is super simple:

- Print the upper and lowercase alphabet mat pages (choose color or black and white), laminate them, and use double face tap to adhere them to a file folder. A-L on one side and M-Z on the other side of the file folder (see photo in my product preview).

- Label the file folder tab.

Students will use magnetic alphabet letters to play the game by matching one magnet letter per letter on the game mat. (Educational Insights brand letters I use in my classroom line up perfectly, but other brands work just as well.) I place the letters A-Z in a small basket, one basket per student. If letters are ending up everywhere but the file folder game mat, try placing the game on a large tray or cookie sheet instead. That usually does the trick for students unable to figure out space boundaries on their own.

Tip: You could also use the black & white version as color sheets, rather than a laminated file folder game. Have students find the magnetic letter matches. When they are finished, they can color in the letters. This is a great activity for fast finishers! :)

I hope your students love matching letter magnets to the letters on the file folder game mats as much as mine do!

Bright Blessings,
Heather Cacak
Pre-K Teacher Heather


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