Spring 2 Scavenger Hunt (Young Preschool)

Thanks for your interest in my free recording sheet, Spring Scavenger Hunt for Young Preschoolers.

Click image to grab a copy of this FREE download!
Simply choose and print the recording sheet that would work best for your students, attach the recording sheet to a clipboard, grab a crayon, go for a walk, and color in the happy faces or circle the yes/no options as you spot the items on the list. {Tip: I do not have enough clipboards for my entire class so I opted to staple one recording sheet per (empty) manila file folder. This worked great for my group of preschoolers! They walked through the halls referring to their homemade clipboards as “big kid work” – totally adorable!}

These basic recording sheet are a fabulous way to introduce the concept of a scavenger hunt to a young group of preschool age children. My class this year is a really, really young group. We are starting s-m-a-l-l with this concept before we begin using the yes and no option pages. For now, coloring smiley faces is all we can handle. :)

I hope your students love a good scavenger hunt as much as mine do. And if you would like to view or download the original (free) Spring Scavenger Hunt Packet, click here.  

Bright Blessings,
Heather Cacak
(PreK Teacher Heather)



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