Labeling Parts of a Plant Anchor Chart and Labeling Activity

Thanks for your interest in my Parts of a Plant Interactive Science Chart and Activity Cards.

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This packet includes:
- 2 title cards (small and large)
- parts of a plant labeled cards to create a poster/chart
- cards, labels, and arrows to create a labeling activity 

Poster Creation: If you’re looking to create a simple poster , print pages 4 – 8. Choose the poster title you like best (small or large). Cut around the dashed lines of the poster cards. I kept the dashed lines on my cut outs to create a visual of separation of parts. However, you could certainly cut the dashes away if you do not care for the look. From there, mount the cut cards to your poster paper.

Center Activity Creation: If you would like to create an interactive science labeling activity, print pages 5 – 12, cut the main plant cards, as well as the small labeling pieces, laminate each card and labeling piece. Children place the arrows and labels on the appropriate plant card. 

{Tip: I have laminated the plant parts cards and attached loop Velcro to the backs of the arrows and label pieces with hook Velcro mounted on the cards. Because my students are so young, slippery laminated cards quickly become frustrating for them to keep up with. Velcro solves that problem. I kept the dashed lines on the activity card pieces because I thought they created a great visual for my youngest learners to see where one card ends and another begins. }

I hope your students looooove these parts of a plant cards as much as mine do.

Bright Blessings,


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